Concrete Column Formwork – Flatpack Design

Concrete column formwork is being revolutionized by the Ezytube range of tubes. Traditional concrete formwork is heavy, inflexible and inherent with extended times to erect and to pull down.

Ezytube’s innovative formwork tubes provide the flexibility that architects, builders and formworkers need to meet the demands of creativity, cost-effectiveness and worker safety.

Ezytube has extended its innovative spiral column range of formwork products with a unique flatpack design. This allows for a Round Column tube can be flattened for easy shipment of bulk tubes. Up to 80 tubes can be packaged onto a single pallet.

Increased savings in transportation costs are due to the reducing the volume required in a truck or shipping container. At the same time, the flatpack tubes also represent a dramatic reduction in on-site storage.

Forming a Round Column

To be used, the flattened tubes are simply pushed back roughly to shape over the steel reinforcing bars and fixed in place. When the concrete is poured into the tube, the tube will maintain its perfect round shape. Any creases on the edges of the flattened tube will be minimal and still conform to class 3 finish.

Forming a Square Column

This technology also enables on site reusability of the internal components of the Ezytube square and rectangular formwork tubes. The previously used polystyrene foam components are simply placed within a new Ezytube flatpack tube. The polystyrene foam actually forms both the required internal shape as well as the round outer shape, whilst the outer tube will maintain the structural integrity required no matter the height of the concrete column required.

Ezytube column flatpacks give the ultimate in flexibility and reusability with savings across the entire building formwork process.