Environmental Consciousness

The Ezytube range of concrete column formwork products has been developed from the initial concept stage to be aware of the Environmental consequences of our products, with the aim to also minimise the impact on the environment after their final use.

Raw materials where possible are selected using the highest possible content of recycled product.

Our recycled polypropylene liners are carbon neutral; made of 100% recycled product and use 90% less electricity to extrude compared to virgin polypropylene alternatives.

We have banned the use of PVC materials in our products due to the potential risks of leaching into the environment.

Our shaped tube form products (Flat-Pack and Boomerang) are designed to offer maximum re-use, therefore reducing waste and landfill.

Our ‘Flat-Pack’ shaped and round tube forms also ensure lower carbon emissions due to significant reductions in transportable volumes, resulting in less fuels used for road, sea or rail transport.

Ezytube products do not require the use of any form release agents. These products which are used with alternative timber and steel forms are commonly toxic or dangerous for the environment.

Ezytube products significantly reduce the reliance on timber from the world’s forests, when compared to alternative paper tube or timber forms.