International Licensing and/or Distribution Agreements
Ezytube has an expanding portfolio of approved and pending patents for its range of innovative concrete column (formatube) forming products. Together with our proprietary and confidential manufacturing procedures, construction, sales and marketing knowledge, Ezytube has an extensive Intellectual Property asset which we are interested to license to major corporations that can promote, manufacture and/ or distribute our products in international locations.

Prior to developing a new product, we thoroughly evaluate the prior art and existing patents for alternative column forming products and technologies, and develop new technologies that are truly innovative and easily differentiated from existing technologies. Patent applications are then lodged only on products that have the highest level of confidence that the patent applications shall be approved, and that if required can be adequately defended and enforced.

Distribution Agreements
Ezytube is interested to expand the number of distribution agreements for products which are ‘Australian Made’ and exported from Australia. We currently have agreements in place for the Philippines, and are actively looking for new distributors particularly in the Pacific Region.

Licensing Agreements
Ezytube is actively seeking interested companies who are existing major suppliers to international formwork markets, to potentially license the exclusive / non exclusive rights to manufacture Ezytube products in their local region.

We have currently licensed our round tube technologies for the USA and Canada, however many other international territories are still available.

Our new ‘Flat-Pack’ and ‘site reusable shaped tube’ technologies are now also available for negotiation.