• Scrim reinforced (2 directional) Adhesive tapes (48mm, 72mm wide)
  • Filament reinforced (single direction) Adhesive tapes (48mm, 72mm, 240mm wide)
  • PVC / Gaffer Tape
  • Compressible Foam backed adhesive tapes.


  • Expanding Foams (single component polyurethane Foam in a can)
  • Expanding Foams (2 component spray / injection kits with hose and spraygun)
  • Polystyrene foam voids, standard block 2400mm x 1200mm x any thickness within the range of 12mm to 600mm thickness per block.
  • Custom shaped foam cutting, both 2 dimensional and 3 Dimensional.


  • 40mPa patching Mortars
  • Fairing Coats
  • Release Agents
  • Curing components
  • Surface retarders

Lifting Straps/ slings

  • 20mm wide 500kg SWL
  • 100mm wide ????