Oval Tubes

Oval concrete column formwork from Ezytube gives you greater control over the concrete shapes that can be architected and built. It allows you to be innovative and creative whilst maintain costs and safety standards.

There are two types of oval columns that can be addressed on site using the Ezytube oval formwork products:

  • Rectangular columns with round half radius ends that are typically used in carparks as an alternative to blade columns.
  • Elliptical column shapes that represents an oval similar to an egg shape column.

Oval columns can be formed there are 3 different ways:

  • A shutter system takes a round tube and pushes it between two shutters. The tube is then squashed down to a predetermined width forming a rectangle with rounded ends.
  • A round tube can have polystyrene foam inserted on two sides resulting in a flat sided, 2 sided column with a radius end, but the radius is not half....
  • End Stops can be formed using a shutter system or conventional formwork system. Polystyrene foam inserts can be built into the end of the formwork to form the radius. The radius can be re-used a number of times.