Pier Tubes / Pier Liners have a thicker wall than the Spiral Ezytube and this thicker wall results in a much more rigid tube form.

The benefits of a more rigid tube are that:

  • It offers superior resistance to soil collapse for in ground applications.
  • Uses include piers, void forming and any applications needing external crush resistance
  • It is excellent in unstable soils and soft sand and we can offer a compliant plastic outer wrap where specified for reactive soil installations.
  • It can be easily cut onsite with knife, handsaw, jigsaw or reciprocating saw.
  • It is suitable for casting in slabs to create voids, and as an alternative to core hole drilling for penetrations.
  • Tube off cuts can be joined with Ezytube filament tape to minimise wastage.

Pier tubes are cardboard based and as such are subject to damage from rain or contact with water.

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