In Tube

A simple alternative to the shutter system to form oval (rectangular with radius ends) shaped columns is the “In Tube” method.

The “In-Tube” method comprises an Ezytube round formatube, with 2 x opposing plastic coated foam inserts which are secured internally of the tube.

Flexible design capabilities are possible for both column length and width, with the overall length of the desired column being defined by the diameter of the Standard range of round tube forms (up to 990mm maximum length) and standard or custom widths made to order. 

The “In Tube” method does not require any external bracing (when used in Pour-Down technique). The tube supports the inner form, and is held in place only at the top and bottom of the tube form.

The outer tube is discarded after use, however the plastic coated inserts may be returned to Ezytube for reassembly into a new tube in situations where they are not damaged.

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