Concrete Column Formwork

With an extensive range of column forming products Ezytube provides Formworkers with alternative ways to build concrete columns and custom shapes. Whether you need to form up standard round or square columns or require raking, y-shaped or featured columns, Ezytube has a concrete formwork solution for you.

Unlike the traditional formwork methods that require skilled workers, an Ezytube solution allows formwork to be completed by a lower skilled level employee. Our column tube products are lightweight and can be easily handled by a single worker. Any job requires considerably fewer workers than current ways of pouring concrete.

The advantages that a formwork specialist will see with an Ezytube solution include:

  • Rapidly pour multiple columns
  • Ability to pour up or pour down to suit the building requirements
  • The high strength of the column products enables high columns to be completed in a single pour.
  • A superior surface finish can be achieved.
  • The lighter weight of columns and easy stripping capabilities reduce workplace injuries and increase the OH&S safety needs for your site.
  • Ezytube flatpacks can significantly reduce transport and cranage costs
  • Time constrained construction cycles can be reduced
  • Sub-standard formwork components can be eliminated
  • Reduces the risks associated with poorly constructed formwork
  • Meets the Australian standards defined in AS 3610 – 1995: Formwork for concrete

Some of our most recent building projects have required creative solutions, consulting with architects builders and formworkers.

  • Chau Chak Wing Building: Raking Columns
  • 1 Blight St Sydney: Oval Columns, Formliners
  • K! Project Brisbane: Y Shaped raking columns
  • Seven Day Adventist Cancer Unit Healing Gardens:
  • Blacktown Minuret: Custom Shaped multi pour concrete feature
  • Australian Brewery & Hotel: Custom Shaped Concrete Feature Bar
  • Potts Point residential house

By offering leading edge innovative solutions to any concrete shape, together with a broad range of surface finishes Ezytube can make your job to build concrete columns easier.

Contact Ezytube for a no obligation discussion about your building project and formwork requirements.