Plastic Lined

To achieve a smoother, higher standard of surface finish on the concrete column, a durable plastic liner can be inserted within the Ezytube.

Ezytube liners are designed to be thin yet robust, and this:

  • Ensures a lower overall tube weight,
  • Minimises the appearance of the vertical seam,
  • Allows for easier removal after the pour.

Unlike thicker alternative tube forms, Ezytube’s advanced design allows for simple removal processes which shall not damage the smooth concrete surface that has been formed.

After trimming the ends of a lined Ezytube column form, always remember to re-tape the plastic liner to the end of the tube prior to pouring the concrete to avoid the concrete flowing between the liner and the tube wall. (where possible, request that Ezytube manufactures each lined column form to the exact length required to avoid on site cutting)

The option for either Matt or Gloss liners are available, however the type of concrete and pour methods used may effect the level of gloss and surface finish achieved on site (we recommend a trial pour first where surface finish is critical)

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