Round Tube

Round concrete column formwork manufactured by Ezytube enables you to create round concrete columns to suit the most demanding of building structures.

From 200mm up to 2400mm diameter columns, in lengths up to 10m you have a broad range round Ezytube column form sizes to suit the unique needs of your building. For large diameter tubes, 1250mm and higher a polystyrene foam core version is available. This will achieve a class 2 finish and has a smooth plastic liner. The outside wall can be manufactured to different wall thicknesses to accommodate different heights and pour rates.

Each diametre offers an option of standard, medium and heavy wall thickness to cater for continuous concrete pours. Restricted pour rates are also accommodated to achieve the highest columns possible.

The technology used to create Ezytube’s spiral and plastic lined tubes have unique properties such as thin walls that are extremely light but have extremely strong resistance to burst. Australian and international patents have been approved due to these unique properties.

Ezytube forms are lightweight and in most cases can be handled manually for both moving around site and installation. Furthermore, stripping is a simple process due to the thin nature of the tube wall. Typically stripping can be performed by an individual worker.

The types of tube forms available are:

Pier Tubes
Used for applications where the tube is to be placed in the ground and the thicker walls resist deformation of the tube, should the soil start collapsing onto the outside of the tube.

Spiral & Plastic Lined Tubes
The Ezytube Spiral and Plastic Lined tubes are unique in that they have much thinner, more flexible walls than alternative tube forms, however the highest level of confidence is assured for strength performance catering to the most demanding of concrete pours.

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