The Ezytube Spiral Tube is a light weight, extremely strong tubing suitable for forming pour in place round concrete columns.

The simplicity in the Ezytube spiral formatube is that it ensures extremely high burst strength at very thin wall thickness, which results in a lightweight formatube, which is easy to cut to remove after pouring, and can be poured in most cases at unrestricted pour rates. (check with the appropriate data sheet for maximum unrestricted pour heights for all column diameters)

Ezytube spiral formatubes can be manufactured in a range of diameters from 150mm to 1200mm (in 50mm increments, excluding 1050mm and 1150mm) and to almost any transportable length.

Ezytube is manufactured using a spiral winding technique, and as such results in a slight, even spiral seam on the inside surface of the tube.

After pouring concrete within the tube, the surface of the concrete column shall reflect this spiral seam on the outer surface of the concrete. Class 2 -3 finishes are created with spiral Ezytube forms.

The Semi flexible wall structure means that the tube wall is forgiving and has high resistance to impact; the tube will “spring” back to shape if “out of round” after transport or other form of compression.

Easily Cut With a Knife

Our Spiral tubes are simple to cut for onsite projections, conduits, etc... no electric power tools are required to strip, no risk of electrocution from power tools, giving obvious Occupational Health and Safety advantages.

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