Where it is not possible to install the formwork tube by the “Top Fitting Technique”, EzyTube may be installed using the Wrap process.

Here are some features of the process:

  • For difficult column forming situations where top fitting is not possible, EzyWrap system can be side fitted
  • Used to encase around I beams.
  • Also used to form larger diameter columns around existing smaller diameter concrete columns.
  • Can be reused multiple times onsite.
  • Comprises of a dual tube system, the inner tube which can be spiral or plastic lined depending on required finish, and outer tube for reinforcement and strength.

For fitting procedure refer to these instructions and video.

  1. Mark a straight line between the top and bottom marks, which correspond with the internal liner join.
  2. Cut along this line with a Stanley knife (or similar) and a straight edge guide to ensure a straight, fine cut.
  3. Alternatively, Ezytube can supply the tubes already cut with edges and internal liners taped
  4. Wrap the cut Ezytube form around the steel cage (or I beam) by gently spreading the tube at the cut edges.
  5. Pull the 2 edges together using small amounts of packaging tape for the full height of the tube, ensure that the ends are square.
  6. Run a packaging tape over the full length of the cut surface to prevent water, fine cement and sand from running out.
  7. Take a second Ezytube and cut the same way as indicated in steps 1 & 2 above. Place this second Ezytube form around the inner Ezytube, ensuring that the join in the inner and outer tubes are on opposing sides (180 degrees apart).
  8. After referring to the “Ezytube Recommended Wrap Tube Taping Table” Using Ezytube approved reinforced tape, start at the base of the tube and wrap the full circumference of the tube with the prescribed number of layers of “Ezytube Approved Reinforcing Tape” , leave a gap of 100mm and repeat until up to the 2 meter high point, then continue with the spacing and number of full circumferences as specified thereafter to the top of the tube.
  9. Fill the tube with concrete and remove the EzyTube in reverse order upon adequate cure of the concrete.
  10. The inner and outer tubes can be re-used many times using this procedure, increased re use is possible with plastic lined inner tubes.
  11. Columns up to 5.0mtrs in height can be successfully poured using this method, however it is critical to abide by the correct positioning and usage of the reinforced tape.

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