Box System ™

To achieve a smoother, higher standard of surface finish on a concrete column, an additional thicker plastic liner (Box) can be inserted within the square or rectangular Ezytube formatube.

The standard liner results in excellent release from the concrete and will achieve a class 3 surface finish. Due to the reusability of the Ezytube formwork components, overtime, the standard of the finish may be reduced. Where the columns are to be concealed within a wall or outer casing and are only required for structural reasons the surface finish may not be an issue.

However, to keep the costs of the formwork as low as possible, Ezytube gives you the option of installing an additional Box Liner rather than use completely new formwork. The result is a high quality finish for each column poured.
Ezytube formliners are designed to be thin yet robust, and this ensures a lower overall tube weight, minimise the effect of the vertical seam and allows for easier removal.

To maintain the column shape and to avoid concrete flowing between the liner and the tube wall the plastic formliner is retaped to both ends of the form.

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