Large construction projects today considers the unique design of modern architects whilst addressing the challenge of maintaining costs and meeting tight timeframes. Concrete columns are a key part of any new development and is not only functional but provides a differentiator to the aesthetic appeal of any building.

Few formwork systems are as revolutionary, yet simple as the Ezytube formwork technology. Whether you are an architect, builder or formworker Ezytube gives you flexibility and choice in the wide range of shapes you can build.

Unlike traditional formwork, Ezytube allows you to fulfil a wide range of different architectural shapes including round, square and radius incorporated designs. In fact, construction joints can be integrated by using Ezytube’s Multi system to separate columns according to the engineer’s specifications.

Cost savings are a natural flow-on by using Ezytube. Minimal labour is required by the user on site as most of the hard work is performed by Ezytube offsite prior to delivery. In addition, the setup does not require specialist formworking skills. Time savings are always evident in the projects where Ezytube is involved, in this case because multiple columns can be poured at the same time.

The shape options for the Ezytube Multi system is limitless, but a few examples are:

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