Modular Panels

Ezytube is the exclusive Sydney Distributor of the modular Steel-Ply formwork System for forming concrete columns, walls, stair cores, pits and almost any vertical concrete structure.

The Steel- Ply forming system is a pre-engineered, factory built, re usable concrete forming system. It may be used in handset or gangform applications, for commercial, residential and civil structures.

Steel- Ply is made by Dayton Superior in the USA, and has been the leading formwork system across North America for more than 50 years.

Australian construction sites are looking for construction products that save time and reduce material wastage, are less reliant on skilled tradesmen whilst also reducing the dependence on crane usage. Steel Ply ticks all of these boxes with its extensive range of panels and complimentary accessories.

Since Ezytube’s recent introduction of Steel-Ply into the Australian construction market, Steel-Ply has proven itself as a versatile and cost effective solution to forming vertical structures on a rapidly increasing number of local construction projects.

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