Steel Ply Core Formwork

Stair and elevator cores are critical building structures, and the forming of such can have a significant effect on both the construction program and the projects budget.

Difficulties in sourcing competent and available block laying contractors often makes cores formed using concrete blocks a risky decision an small to medium sized construction projects.

Likewise, there is a growing trend for builders and formwork contractors to use preassembled wall forming systems for cores, however the risk is that potential internal voids within the poured concrete infill presents a significant risk for the structural integrity of the core.

Insitu concrete poured within removable formwork ensures that should any internal voids eventuate within the poured concrete wall / core, that these structural defects would be evident and easily rectified upon stripping the formwork.

The Steel-Ply panels can easily accommodate the forming of concrete cores for stairs and elevators. Standard inner and outer corners can be used for most cores, or an effective retractable inner corner assembly is available where a crane lifted option is requested.

Where large scale projects require the most up to date core forming solutions, Ezytube can also offer leading edge technologies and products for the forming of self lifting cores using hydraulic rams with digital control panels.

No matter your core forming requirements, please contact our Ezytube technical team to evaluate the most suitable options.