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Concrete Calculators

Use these calculators to give you an estimate of how much concrete is needed for your next project.

Square/Rectangular Column Calculator

Round Column Calculator

Oval Shutter Column Calculators

Ezytube can supply a flexible round tube of fixed diameters. The formwork contractor cuts the desired shape in the deck ply and the tube is simply compressed between 2 shutters to a achieve a desired column width and this in turn also dictates the column length / depth.

Oval Shutter Calculator (Depth/Width)

Insert the required depth and width of the column. The calculator will then work out the diameter tube required.


Oval Shutter Calculator (Width/Diameter)

Enter the desired column width and tube diameter from the list and it will calculate the resulting column depth.


How much can you save using EzyTube?

Below are two examples of how using EzyTube can lead to savings in time, labour and money.

Time Savings - Pour Down vs Pour Up (Click to enlarge)

Contractor Savings (Click to enlarge)

Ezytube Standard Diametres:
254 mm
305 mm
353 mm
406 mm
454 mm
508 mm
553 mm
610 mm
660 mm
711 mm
765 mm
811 mm
860 mm
914 mm
990 mm