Architectural Formwork Design

Architectural concrete formwork design no longer needs to be thought of in typical, long held practices. Influencing structural engineers and building developers on design buildability previously considered unachievable with new ideas and new ways of supporting commercial structures of any kind is available through Ezytube.

As an architect you can now provide new and innovative structural designs with concrete architecture whilst meeting tight deadlines and contributing to a reduction in cost. Ezytube provides you with an environmentally sound solution and will contribute to the Green rating of the project.

As creative, yet practical thinkers, you can now consider using specialised custom shapes and bespoke solutions on building development projects featuring:

  • Featured columns
  • Raking columns
  • Y-shaped columns

Ezytube formwork technologies can help you understand the broad applications available to obtain both a practical and artistic perspective on concrete shapes.

Our most recent projects have achieved outstanding results through innovative architectural concrete column solutions for the following prestigious building projects:

  • Chau Chak Wing Building: Raking Columns
  • 1 Blight St Sydney: Oval Columns, Formliners
  • K1 Project Brisbane: Y Shaped raking columns
  • Seven Day Adventist Cancer Unit Healing Gardens
  • Blacktown Minuret: Custom Shaped multi pour concrete feature
  • Australian Brewery & Hotel: Custom Shaped Concrete Feature Bar
  • Point Piper residential house

By offering leading edge innovative new solutions to forming almost any desired shape in concrete, together with offering a wide range of surface finishes Ezytube can make your designs unique.

Contact Ezytube for a no obligation discussion to ensure your concrete architecture has truly memorable concrete building features.